Friday, February 20, 2009

Dying for Truth

Talk about Unexpected....

Here was the plan three days ago:

I was going to grab a rickshaw to the Bus Stand in the Village and then take a Public Bus to Tiruvnnamalei to grab my suitcase, say Hi to friends and then return to Oneness University the next day to continue working on the web site!

Here is what actually happened three days ago:

I went to the gate to get a rickshaw and a taxi was there. I ended up taking the taxi all the way to Tiru instead of the bus stand. I arrived in Tiru, picked up my stuff, saw my friends, tried to leave the next day, but my heart told me I needed to stay. I decided to leave anyway, so I got all my things together, but then my intuition said you MUST stay no matter what.

So I stayed and am currently attending a retreat called Dying for Truth! It is about how to Awaken during the death process just in case it doesn't happen in life. It is also learning how to be with people that are dying and also with their families. It has been very beautiful so far!

I also received an amazing massage today and life is pretty GREAT overall! I have absolutely stopped making plans, because they are useless and just cause more problems than good. When you really live in the moment and take your cues from Guidance it is pretty hard to make any plans and follow through with them!

We all have guidance, inner guidance and what I call Universal Signs. Inner guidance sometimes can get skewed by what we want to happen or what we want to do. Universal Signs are signs in that the Universe throws at you. If you really become aware you will see them all around you. These are not influenced by your mind or desires, so if you are having a tough time discerning what is guidance and what is your mind, take a look at the Universal Signs. They will always point you in the right direction. The best part is you can actually never go in the wrong direction, even when it seems like it, it is all happening for a perfect reason! The best thing you can do is become very comfortable with the unexpected and learn to let go of always needing to know what will happen and control what will happen! This will allow you to flow with Divine guidance and then although you may not have a clue what will happen in an hour, let alone next week I promise you it will be an exciting life. Not only that Divine Guidance always leads to more awareness, more truth, more love, and more growth! That my friends is a beautiful thing......Be Well and be In Joy!

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