Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sometimes you just have to....

SLEEP! The energy on this campus of Oneness University is something you have to experience to believe. It is such high energy that there are many nights that I only sleep three to four hours if at all. Well today my body finally overpowered the energy and I pretty much slept all day. It feels good to do that every once in awhile! I just got done having dinner in the cafeteria. It wasn't quite like the pizza from yesterday that's for sure! I connected with a beautiful couple from New Zealand who have dedicated there life to helping others, it's so beautiful. There are people here on campus right now from all over the world dedicated to doing the same from America, Russia, Scotland, UK, Thailand, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Canada, Germany, Chile and more. They have one goal. To teach people how to become at peace and experience causeless joy no matter what is going on around them. Unfortunately, it seems like the times are getting tougher and some say times are about to get down right nasty. I hope that's not the case, however I do feel things need to get shaken up a bit here on Earth. So let's see what happens...

I know this that is it possible to be experiencing so much joy that it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, in a mansion or on the streets, in love or by yourself, healthy or sick. Instead of trying to control all of our outside circumstances which are literally controlled by millions of factors, I feel to teach people how to get themselves in a space internally in which the peace and joy simply overflows. How nice would it be to not be dependant on circumstance to be happy? Circumstances are always changing, some times are good and sometimes are not so good. This is the nature of life, the ebb and flow. Over the past few years I have been exposed to many teachers and teachings that all point to this experience. In the past six weeks I have actually experienced this first hand and the freedom that it gives is like nothing else that I have experienced.

I want to share with people all that I have learned. This is one reason for writing my book, but the other is to show that there is another side to life that is so fascinating and brings so much joy that isn't dependent on anything and its available to anyone that is looking. I am not talking about airy fairy stuff, simply to access an energy that by it's nature is peace, love and joy! The first step is to really look inside and look at the relationships in your life. Are you at peace with those closest or are you in conflict? We want peace on earth, but we don't have peace in our own homes or families. This is step one! The best thing you can do is to really put yourself in their shoes and try to experience what they were experiencing and the only way I know to do this is through the Oneness Blessing. You ask the Divine to give you the other person's experience before you receive the Blessing and let grace do the rest. When you experience what the other is going through, basically walking a mile in anothers shoes then and only then can you fully understand why they were the way they were. If they caused you pain, it's because they were in deep pain them self. If they gave you joy, they were in joy themselves. To find Oneness Blessing Givers in your area go to

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