Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Liveeee From Andra Pradesh.....It's Amma and Bhagavan!!!!!

It is getting harder and harder to actually function here at the Oneness University. The energy is getting stronger by the hour. When I am lying or sitting still it's like there is powerful generator in my heart area just flooding energy into my body! No matter what happens to be going on outside of my body, inside the body there it nothing but bliss and joy. This is a beautiful state unless you have to actually function, to say write a blog or content for a web site. Luckily, it seems everyone else around here is experiencing the same thing so nobody seems to care. The problem, not that it is really a problem, is that nothing matters. You actually see the absurdity of it all and see that we are really just actors in this movie called life. Everything from the buildings, to the trees, to the cars on the road and the clouds in the sky are simply props. They are really great props as in Oscar Award winning for set design, but they are really just props!

When I wasn't in this state I would have told someone who says this to go shove it and you can feel free to say the same to me. When things feel heavy and serious there is no use using intellect to say it's all an illusion, because in no way shape or form does it seem like one!!

I am here to tell you though that there is a freedom available to us all in which I have described which is only the beginning of what is possible. Imagine the freedom when no matter what happens there is joy, bliss and or peace. You can say get in a car accident like we did today and you feel peace and joy. You can have someone yell at you and there is peace and joy. You can be told that the job you thought you had secured may not happen and there is peace and joy. By no means am I telling you all of this to say, "Ha Ha look what I found and sucks to be you!"

I am telling you this because it's my truth and that if I can experience this then you can, your family can, your co-workers can and everyone else on the planet can to. How? Start looking inward and find other people living this and ask them how they got there. It is different for everyone, there is not one single 5-step process to get you there, but what works for some does work for others.

I give all the credit to the Divine inside me that has been guiding me all along and is guiding you right now whether you think so are not. At first this Divine part of me appeared to manifest outside of me in the form of a 59 year old Indian man named Bhagavan. One day about 3 years somebody told me to come to this thing in Maui called "Deeksha." I said what the hell is that? Well these people have gone to India and did this 3 week training and now they can put their hands on your head and your brain will change and your level of consciousness will raise and eventually you will have the experience of being the Divine that you really are!

Well that sounded all great, but a lot of things sound great and to me this one sounded like total BS! I did not believe it for a second! However, the guy who told me wouldn't leave me alone and after a month of harassment, I went just to get him off my back!

To make a very long powerful story short and simple, let's just say to my utter complete and absolute TOTAL surprise it changed everything in my life. I am now currently in India where this Deekhsa, now known as the Oneness Blessing began at the Oneness University! Most of the stuff I experience here is still hard to believe even after being around this place for three years. Much is written about the Oneness Movement as it's called both positive and negative! All I know is what I experience and for me it's been miracle after miracle.

So this Saturday March 7th for the first time Bhagavan and his wife Amma, who are considered Avatars here in India will be doing a blessing for the public online. It sounds crazy, but the Blessing Givers have experienced a few of these so far and trust what happens is crazy in a good way. You can simply sit quietly with no expectations and just see what happens ; ) Trust me on this one.....

You can go to www.onenesswebcasts.org to sign up for $10. It might just be the best $10 you have ever spent! Be patient with the technology on the day, as we are going live from India where well it's India ; ) The times are listed on the web site. If you are into self growth, self-realization, self healing, love to pray to any God, love to sit quietly or just want to have an interesting experience than give it a shot!!!

Have fun and tell your friends and family!!!

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