Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sun in London is definitely Unexpected.

It hasn't been sunny for one day, it has been sunny for four days running! People that live here are absolutely loving it as am I. When I embarked for India back in December, the last place I thought I would be spending two weeks was England. I am absolutely thrilled about, however. I am here with some beautiful people and we are having a great time. Our friend Martyn, who we met in Tiruvannamalei has a beautiful vintage 1930 House boat that is our main base here in town. It is parked in a beautiful part of London on the Thames river across from Kew Gardens, a botanical reserve. We are here to attend satsang and a process called Gnan Vidhi with our beautiful friend and teacher Deepak Bhai. You can find more at The whole purpose of my journey is to actually experience the love and happiness that is deep within us as our nature. The Gnan Vidhi has been a HUGE help actually I would say more a vital step in my journey. Deepak Bhai and friends will be coming to the United States in June and you can find the schedule at

If you want happiness for no reason in your life then come to the Gnan Vidhi. It is free and it is powerful! We all know intellectually that we are more than we appear to be. We know we have a higher self, a Divine essence or a soul, however you choose to call it. We have read books from great masters telling us this, we here Priests and Pastors tell us this. It is ingrained in us in a way from a young age. However, from the time we wake up in the morning until we close our eyes at night, we fully experience with our five senses that I am Patrick or Debbie or Jenny. We don't have the experience of this Higher Self, we have the experience that we are the body, the mind and the emotions called Patrick, Debbie or (insert your name here.)

These emotions that we have seem to be very connected and actually pretty much dependant on what is happening in our lives. We are happy when this, this and this happens. We are angry when this, this and this happens. We are sad when this, this and well you get the point. Although this seems to be the nature of life and seems to be normal, what if there was another experience. What if it was possible to experience this divine aspect of our self or our higher self. What if one of the most important properties of the Higher Self was bliss or happiness for no reason. What if you could experience this all the time. Then there would somehow not always be the need to go out and seek happiness from people, from situations or from life at all. Would this change things? This would mean that maybe we wouldn't be so attached to people and how they treat us. We wouldn't rely on others to bring us happiness. That is a lot of pressure if you think about as it's a full time job to keep ourselves happy, let alone another.

I don't know how it works, just as I don't know how Deeksha works, but the Gnan does deliver a very special gift in an hours time. In this time the Gnani (Giver of Knowledge) repeats very specific sentences in the Indian language of Gujurati. There is something sacred about the combination of the words used and the amount of time the statements are said that creates a very subtle yet powerful shift in our ego. It gives you the direct experience of "Who you really are" in just the slightest way. I didn't believe it was possible until I experienced it...but it is VERY possible! After the Gnan Ceremony, you are given awareness tools that help you when difficult or sticky situations come up in life. It is all so very beautiful!!!!

When you know and experience who you really are even in the slightest way, everything and I mean everything changes! So give yourself this gift and see if Deepak Bhai will be anywhere near you this summer. He is one of the most pure and beautiful human beings that I have ever met! Today we are having the ceremony in London for a few hundred people. I have several friends coming that I have not seen in a long time and I am so very excited for all of them!

I will write more soon, but for now I am off to catch the Tube ; )